The world’s best glacier destinations

Jan 11, 2018

Formed over aeons by the constant build-up of snow and its subsequent compacting into ice, glaciers are like vast frozen rivers continually moving under their own weight. Because of their sheer size and potential to alter landscapes, glaciers are natural landforms particularly adept at conveying the impressive might of nature; hence their global tourism appeal.

The following are some of the world’s best and most accessible glaciers, allowing nature lovers to get up close with these icy behemoths.



Canada is renowned for its pristine wilderness, characterised by snowcapped mountain ranges and dense forests. The nation is also home to several glacial expanses, primarily located among the country’s elevated peaks. One of the most visited and popular is the Athabasca Glacier (above), one of the main toes (endpoints) of the massive Columbia Icefield – the largest in the Rockies – straddling the Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Through Brewster Travel Canada, you can embark on a glacial adventure, beginning with a journey on the Ice Explorer, a large all-terrain vehicle that’s been specifically designed to cope with the tough conditions presented by glacial travel.

The tour includes the opportunity to step foot on the glacier itself, taking in the breathtaking surrounds. You can also visit the Glacier Skywalk, a glass-bottomed walkway hanging off the edge of a Sunwapta Valley cliff, which gives thrill-seekers an exciting way to savour the magnificent views of the valley below and the mountains beyond.

Due to the inclement conditions during wintertime, the glacier tours open in spring and summer months only.

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Alaska, USA


Rugged Alaska is well-known as a wildlife and adventure lover’s paradise. Its untouched wilds offer up some of the most majestic landscapes on earth. It also boasts arguably the most accessible glacier on the planet. Less than 20km from the capital city (Juneau) sits the Mendenhall Glacier (above), which, because of its easy accessibility via roadways, attracts several hundred thousand visitors a year.

Though you can reach the glacier by taking a bus or taxi from downtown Juneau, organised tours are available. One operator in the region, Juneau Tours, offers a wide range of different glacier excursions, including glacier and whale-watching combos.

Any visit to the Mendenhall Glacier wouldn’t be complete without stopping by the informative visitor centre, as well as heading out on one of the various hiking trails surrounding the glacier and lake. When walking the trails, expect magnificent mountain scenery, glistening ice caves and cascading glacial waterfalls.

As with other Northern Hemisphere glaciers, the best time to visit would be during summer (May through September).