Best countries for an epic road trip

Aug 14, 2017

Is there any greater joy than hitting the asphalt and embarking on an epic road trip through new and unfamiliar territories? Road trips allow you to journey at your own pace, stopping only for those specific attractions that interest you.

Furthermore, it’s often when road tripping through unknown, never-before-visited places that the most authentic and memorable travel experiences can be had. Because they are such a great way to explore a new destination, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the world’s best countries for road trips.

1. Canada

banff national park

Canada is a must for lovers of the great outdoors and unspoilt nature. The Trans-Canadian Highway is probably the nation’s most famous roadway and considering that this stretch of road passes through all 10 Canadian provinces, it’s a recommended route for anyone visiting the country for the first time and wanting to experience as much of the beautiful country as possible.

Some of the major attractions along the famous highway include St John’s (Newfoundland), Gross Morne National Park, Quebec and the turquoise, picture-perfect Lake Louise in Banff National Park (above), where you can expect incredible encounters with a host of wildlife, including moose, elks and bears, close to the snow-capped Canadian Rockies.

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2. Spain

cadiz spain

Majestic mountain ranges, endless miles of heavenly beaches and a diverse and vibrant cultural heritage make Spain one of the world’s most popular and visited tourist destinations. And considering that the large nation boasts over 16,500km of highway, there’s really no better way to explore Spain than by renting a car and going on a road-trip adventure.

Because the country is so large, it’s likely that you’ll need to choose a region to focus your journey on. One recommended Spanish road-tripping route would have to be through southern Spain’s Andalusia, making sure to include the following highlights in your travels: Cadiz (above), Malaga, Granada, Sierra Nevada National Park and Seville.

3. USA

California State Route 1

Easily the world’s greatest road-tripping nation, the United States is a mecca for lovers of the open road. Offering virtually endless kilometres of vast highways, passing through classic American landscapes and towns of various sizes and character, America’s roads were built for road tripping.

From the iconic Route 66 connecting Chicago to California and the epic California State Route 1 (above) along the Pacific Coast from San Diego to San Francisco, to the stunning Hana Highway on the island of Maui, the options for unforgettable road journeys are as staggering in their number as they are in their beauty.

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4. South Africa

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Magnificent landscapes through a diverse array of ecosystems along with well-maintained national highways make South Africa arguably the continent’s greatest nation for road trips.

Though the world-famous Garden Route, which runs along the country’s south coast between breathtaking coastlines and dramatic mountain peaks, is considered one of the planet’s most beautiful drives, South Africa boasts a number of other impressive routes that are definitely worth exploring by car.

The Panorama Route through the country’s eastern Mpumalanga Province is one such option. A route that’s dotted with beautiful waterfalls, spectacular natural formations like the Blyde River Canyon and Bourke’s Luck Potholes (above) and even a lookout point aptly named God’s Window, this is one stretch of highway that should definitely be added to that adventure bucket list.