Dedicated to Singapore Airlines, and to each other

Feb 7, 2017

When Singapore Airlines (SIA) celebrates her 70th anniversary in 2017, cabin crew Andre and Jessie Png will have more reasons to pop the champagne – they will be marking 30 years of service with the company, and 25 years of marriage.

Despite being two trainee batches apart, the pair has been inseparable throughout their career since meeting at the training centre.

Besides date nights at Charlie’s corner, a watering hole near the old SIA club in Changi, they shared similar flight schedules – thanks to a team-flying arrangement in the early days. Later on, couple-coding allowed married cabin crew couples to operate the same flights wherever possible.

The charming Inflight Supervisor and Chief Stewardess, who have two grown-up sons, share with us what life as a cabin crew couple is like and how working for the same company has played a significant role in their relationship.

1. Can you share a little on your favourite parts about being a cabin crew?

Andre: I derive the greatest pleasure seeing passengers leave the plane happy, whether it was my colleagues or myself who made the flight pleasant, enjoyable and safe. Of course, once I’m off duty, I enjoy the food, sightseeing, good weather, and snow.

Jessie: The days off (laughs). It’s the lifestyle. We get to travel around the world. At the same time, when we come back, we have a few days off to spend with the family. You don’t bring your work home either. Once a flight is over, you are free.

2. That brings us to our next question – What are your favourite destinations to travel to?

A: I like Japan. The food’s good; it’s organised, systematic, safe and you can go out any time you want.

J: For me, Paris because I love cooking and baking, and it’s where I get all my ingredients and dairy products. I have a friend who lives there and he always takes me to really big supermarkets to get my groceries.

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3. How did the both of you spend time together as a couple despite a busy flight schedule?

A: Before we had children, we were couple-coded and flew together. After we had children, someone had to be at home, so Jessie took on the role of “flying mother”, where she spent seven-and-a-half years doing only turnaround flights.

J: We’re lucky because the company let us choose the turnaround scheme. When I was a first-time mother, I wanted to be home every day.

A: It means she flies to destinations like Jakarta and back. So there’s a parent at home every day.