9 cool reasons to visit Finland this year

Jul 17, 2017

Finland will be celebrating the centennial of its declaration of independence on December 6 this year. Here are nine reasons why it’s about time you pay the Scandinavian country a visit.

The Northern Lights

Aurora Dome in Finland

The famed lights have always been a top draw for tourists, but now, you can gaze in awe at them without freezing in the cold. These recently opened hotels allow travellers to view the lights from a warm room and comfortable bed. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi features suites with a wooden interior and panoramic windows; Aurora Dome (above) in Muonio offers round, insulated igloo-shaped tents with a transparent wall that faces north; and the standalone Seaside Glass Villas in Kemi have glass roofs and front walls that open to an incredible view of the Bay of Bothnia.

The Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

Sauna (above) is a big part of Finnish culture – for centuries, it has been a sanctuary for physical and spiritual cleansing. While most saunas are private, and can be found at swimming pools, hotels and gyms, there are a few public ones in the larger cities. Ponder on the meaning of life while opening your pores at Sauna Arla or Sauna Hermanni, two of three remaining public saunas in Helsinki.

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The local delicacies

Finnish food by Harri Tarvainen

With its long coastline and more than 150,000 lakes, all kinds of fish are eaten across the country, so do try unfamiliar ones such as the vendace or Arctic char. A staple of the Finnish diet is ruisleipa (rye bread), while other iconic food items include reindeer meat; karjalanpiirakka, a traditional crusty pie filled with potatoes or carrots; and dishes with wild berries (above) such as bilberries, cloudberries and lingonberries.