8 thrilling volcano adventures around the world

Mar 23, 2017

In terms of tourism, volcanoes are blowing up. If you’re a lava-lover, here’s how and where to step safely into the line of fire.

Lava boarding, Nicaragua


The ultimate challenge for ambitious snowboarders and surfers alike – riding down the still-steaming flanks of an active volcano. You’ll have to hike up 730m-high Cerro Negro first, but the run back down is worth every second.

Eruption tours, worldwide


Thanks to advances in vulcanology, experts can pinpoint when volcanoes are going to blow their tops – and that means tour operators can too. A number of companies monitor volcanic activity around the world and specialise in short-notice trips to volatile spots to capture the pyrotechnics in all their splendour.

Volcano bungee, Chile

It sounds like something from a James Bond film, but if you’re brave enough, you can jump into the fiery maw of an active volcano in Chile. This death-defying helicopter bungee doesn’t come cheap – it’s part of a US$16,000 package – but you’ll be dishing out the story for decades.

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