16 hidden restaurants in Singapore that even hipsters don’t know about

Aug 3, 2017

Escape the crowds at Singapore’s coolest hidden restaurants, from an izakaya concealed behind a nondescript wall in a faded mall, to an innovative contemporary western restaurant in a residential neighbourhood.

1. W39 Bistro and Bakery – Jalan Mas Puteh

w39 bistro and bakery singapore

Tucked beneath walk-up apartments at Jalan Mas Puteh, a sleepy street in the west, this bright and inviting bistro could pass off for a beach cottage. Surrounded by white clapboard walls and shelves lined with colourful knick-knacks, try jazzed-up local dishes such as mee siam (rice noodles in a spicy gravy) with a blend of 20 fresh spices and ingredients. This is cooked for at least three hours and topped with a poached egg.

Nearest MRT station: Clementi

2. South Union Park – Jalan Kembangan

duck confit pasta south union park singapore

An unlikely culinary destination ensconced in the quiet residential estate of Kembangan, this unpretentious nook showcases a small but well-thought-out menu of dishes. The quality of the contemporary western cuisine here is a reflection of young chef-owner Terrence Chuah, who has interned at Spain’s 2-Michelin-star Mugaritz. Though they rotate their menu from time to time and introduce specials on a regular basis, do try the popular homemade duck confit tagliatelle (above), drizzled with hazelnut cream and garnished with roasted hazelnuts and lemon zest.

Nearest MRT station: Kembangan

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3. Woody Family Cafe – Andrews Avenue

woody family cafe singapore

Lovers of spicy food will find a haven in this little corner of Sembawang. The eatery specialises in Peranakan (Straits Chinese) fare with a twist, so go if the thought of umami-laden dishes such as buah keluak (black nuts) omelette excite, rather than intimidate you. Do also order their signature dish, nasi ulam (rice mixed with shredded herbs such as wild betel leaf and turmeric leaves).

Nearest MRT station: Sembawang