The world’s best places to see spectacular flowers in full bloom

Sep 14, 2017

Planning for your next spring holiday? Aside from visiting the famous Dutch tulip fields in March, you can learn about plant species in beautiful botanical gardens, or attend an obscure Italian flower festival. shares with us the best destinations and when to go witness the most spectacular blooms.

Holambra, Brazil

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When: Till September 24, 2017

Coined from the country names Holland, America and Brazil, Holambra is a former Dutch colony in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Staying true to its Dutch heritage, Holambra is best known today as the largest producer of flowers and ornamental plants in Latin America. It also hosts the largest South American spring event, the Expoflora, which is considered one of the greatest showcases of floriculture in the country.

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Giverny, France


When: Till November 1, 2017

Giverny was home to Claude Monet for much of his life and his former home and garden, instantly recognisable from his water lily series, are now open to the public. It’s not hard to see how it inspired some of his most lauded work, since the garden (above) feels like a surreal art installation. Almost every inch of ground is covered with a dizzying array of flora – nasturtiums, tulips, irises, peonies – separated by water-lily ponds, a wisteria-clad bridge, and huge weeping willows.

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Lisse, the Netherlands

Keukenhof Gardens

When: March to May

Over seven million tulips and other flora fill the beautifully-sculpted flower beds at the world-famous Keukenhof (above) in Lisse. Winding around the trees, immaculate green lawns and bodies of water, the sight of these resplendent flowers will stop you in your tracks. You’ll also find Dutch tulip fields, with row upon row of vivid colours stretching into the horizon. The Keukenhof gardens will be open from March 22 until May 13, 2018 and the tulip fields are best viewed mid-April (depending on the weather) when they’re usually in full bloom.