What’s the meaning of the Chinese New Year lion dance performance? A step-by-step visual guide

The lively, noisy lion dance is a fixture during Chinese New Year celebrations in South-east Asia, with many troupes making their way to shopping malls, offices and other public spaces to perform. Having a lion grace your premises (and presenting with with red packets filled with money) is said to bring you luck for the rest of the year.

The performances are no doubt entertaining, and the lions adorable, but not many people know about the deep symbolism behind each action they do, and even the details on the lions’ costumes. Why do they eat lettuce? What should you do if the lion approaches you? Who’s inside the costume, anyway?

The Singapore Hequan Institute of Wushu and Lion Dance has put together this detailed and amusing series of illustrations to help us appreciate this ancient tradition and art form:

Illustrations courtesy of Ireny

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