What not to wear to the airport for your next flight

Apr 4, 2017

If your #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) involves studs, buckles or sassy slogans, you may want to rethink your look. Don’t be that person in the queue, getting held up because of fashion. Sail through security checkpoints and start your holiday sooner with our tips on fail-safe fashion to fly in.

Statement jewellery

Do you really need to wear those chandelier earrings and five chunky metallic bangles? Save the bother and pack them in your suitcase instead.


Wear one if you absolutely must, but just know you’ll have to take it off – again, and again. Instead, go for a well-fitting pair of pants and leave the metal accessories for another day.

Tricky shoes

Gladiator sandals, knee-high boots, multi-buckled anything, vertiginous heels – we’re looking at you. You’ll need to take them off for security, you’ll never make a late run to the gate, plus feet sometimes swell mid-flight. Comfortable shoes rule, but they don’t need to be boring.

Complicated hairstyles

Yes, even hair can hinder you at airport security as a head filled with bobby pins could set off the metal detectors. Leave the sophisticated up-dos for after you land.