Useful gadgets that will fit perfectly in your carry-on

Aug 3, 2017

Tech that was once impossible to cram into a suitcase is becoming so tiny, you can even pop it into your carry-on.

Personal Projector

pico projector

Aaxa P2A Pico Projector, US$209

Who needs bulky home projectors when you have this? An ultra-portable pico projector powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, it promises 150 minutes of projection time – not bad for a cube measuring around 7cm. Impressively, it even comes with built-in wireless networking abilities, so you can stream videos from YouTube, Netflix and the like.

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Espresso everywhere

now presso

NowPresso, US$212

If you’re a stickler for premium coffee, look out for this Kickstarter-funded gadget. It’s not shipping until October, but those who place their orders now will be among the first to try out what’s being hailed as the world’s first portable, lithium-battery-operated espresso machine that boils water. And yes, it’s compatible with Nespresso capsules.

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Hot food to go

hot logic

Hot Logic Mini, US$39.95

Want to have hot meals whenever, wherever? This simple device – it is, in essence, a bag – comes highly rated. Think of it as a slow cooker that can not only reheat meals, but also cook them from scratch – raw chicken breast, for instance, takes a couple of hours to cook. It can be flattened, so it’s super travel-friendly. Bring along a car adaptor, and hot treats are yours on long road trips too.