Travel photo tips: How to Instagram like a pro

Dec 30, 2016

Up your travel photography game with these tips from popular Instagrammers.

Annette Widitz (@dawa_lhamo)

Have people in your landscape shots
It helps the viewer connect with the image and puts the landscape into perspective.

Keep it clean
Be mindful about having a “clean” composition – know where everything is in your frame before taking the photo. For instance, check that there isn’t a tree in the background that appears to be growing out of your subject’s head in the foreground.

Use long exposures
Try shooting long exposures – where the paths of moving objects become visible – using the various apps available. You’ll need a tripod or an object like a rock to keep your phone in place. Long exposures can give you beautiful results, especially when shooting water or skies.

Franz Navarrete (@franzn)

Use natural light for food photos
Try to grab a seat near a window to get that soft, diffused natural light.

Avoid zooming
For a better, sharper effect, don’t use the zoom function on your phone. Get as close to your subject as you can, then crop the image after.

Remember the “golden hour”
For stunning landscape photos, make good use of the golden hour – the first or last hours of daylight. These times of day are especially photo-friendly as the light is softer and warmer.

Focus first
Wait for the camera to focus before taking a shot. A simple tap on the screen will give you sharp-looking pictures.

Keep it simple
Keep your images free of clutter and go easy with filters.

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