Top island destinations to visit in 2017

Jan 13, 2017

Vancouver Island, Canada

This certainly isn’t your typical island holiday. It has mild temperatures and is near a major city, but Vancouver Island is worth the visit just to marvel at the 19th-century architecture. That aside, you can scuba dive and swim with salmon and also enjoy a bike ride on the rugged trails. Whale watching is also highly recommended. Secluded beaches with clear waters that are surrounded by mountains and forests will take your breath away.


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The Eastern European nation of Croatia, which consists of over a thousand islands, is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination thanks to its spectacular beaches, soaring mountains and stunning national parks. Perhaps the biggest draw card for younger visitors is Ultra Europe, the outdoor electronic music festival in Split. Thousands of partygoers make their way to Croatia every July to visit private beaches, live in boat houses and party at the famous festival.

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Azores, Portugal

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Consisting of a group of nine islands around 800 miles off the coast of Portugal, the Azores islands are often referred to as one of the Atlantic Ocean’s “best kept secrets”. Hiking around mud pots and crater lakes and exploring caverns and waterfalls are just a few of the adventurous activities on offer. Having previously been named the number one Global Sustainable Destination by QualityCoast, the Azores uses renewable geothermal energy with around only five per cent of its grounds being urbanised.