Stay at these traditional dwellings for authentic travel experiences

Mar 13, 2018

When travelling, authentic experiences are gold. And what could be more so than finding lodging in a traditional home – whether a tented camp, tribal hut or mud house? The following are some of the world’s best places to enjoy a good night’s rest in a traditional home or dwelling all while experiencing some local hospitality.

Bedouin tent, Wadi Rum, Jordan


For countless generations, Bedouin tribes have called the deserts of Arabia and North Africa home. Living a nomadic lifestyle, they’ve become famous for their mobile tented camps and hospitality to guests, and even strangers. One of the best areas to enjoy this traditional type of living and famed hospitality would be Jordan’s spectacular Wadi Rum, characterised by awe-inspiring stone cliffs and copper-coloured desert sands.

For a real Bedouin experience, a number of excellent campsites offer tented accommodation plus a host of authentic desert adventures, including camel rides, hiking and desert safaris, Bedouin food and of course, traditional Bedouin music, dancing and storytelling around the campfire.

Located in the heart of Wadi Rum, Bedouin Lifestyle Camp (above) offers a variety of different tent options with all the trimmings of traditional Bedouin hospitality being the major highlights. Another more upmarket, yet somewhat less traditional camp Wadi Rum Night Camp, provides luxurious tented accommodations that will satisfy your craving for desert glamping adventures.

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Yurt, Kyrgyzstan

Nice Mountains in Kyrgyzstan country

Yurts are the portable tents used by the nomadic peoples of the Central Asian steppes. For centuries, these iconic round tents have played an integral role in the migratory lifestyle of the region’s native population.

In Kyrgyzstan, a country defined by majestic natural landscapes and dramatic mountains and valleys, yurts are a way of life. Several yurt camps can be found dotted around the Kyrgyz countryside, many of which sit alongside glittering mountain lakes, like Issyk-kul and Song-kul (above).

Though the accommodations offered may be somewhat rustic, visitors staying in a yurt camp will certainly learn a great deal about the local people, their culture and traditions.

If you’re interested in experiencing a night or two in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt, it’s best to go through a registered tour operator, many of which are based in the capital Bishkek.