Stay safe while you ski with these high-tech devices

Oct 25, 2017

If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for when you’re out in the snow, these cool tech offerings have the last word.

Smart watch


Suunto Spartan Ultra, US$799
A feature-packed GPS sports watch with a touchscreen and full-colour display, barometric altimeter, digital compass and thermometer, Ultra connects to your smartphone and vibrates when a message comes through. What skiers will really love about it: it records all data from their sessions and has a navigation function that will help them get home.

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Body armour


Rossignol RPG I&M Airbag Vest, US$1,185
This vest affords maximum protection to your body for when you take a tumble. It can detect when you’re off balance mid-air, and in just a fraction of a second, its air-canister-powered cushioning will inflate, protecting your upper body and hips before impact with the ground.

Eye protection


Uvex Snowstrike VT goggles, US$399.95
It takes a tenth of a second for these futuristic eye protectors to adjust to the light conditions – so when you emerge from a sheltered slope and are hit by an unexpected flare of sunshine, there’s less chance of you careening into a tree. You can also manually change the lens colour – choose from four preset tints – to suit the conditions, your mood or even your snowsuit.

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Hot hands


Celestron Elements ThermoCharge 10, US$59.99
Hands get cold when you take off your gloves to fiddle with a meddlesome boot. Help for chilled hands is exactly what this gadget serves up: Press the button and you’ll get up to 12 hours of heat. The device doubles as a powerbank; flip the lid and you’ll find two USB connections. Now, you can make sure your phone’s fully juiced for any emergency calls.