10 of the most romantic destinations in the world

Jan 18, 2017

From candlelit dinners in the city of love to sailing around magical fjords, we’ve rounded up the most romantic destinations for you and your other half, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Positano, Italy

This magnificent coastal town is just over an hour’s drive from Naples and its tumbling vertiginous houses are a photographer’s dream. A haven for devotees of the sun, the seaside restaurants are littered with couples enjoying a freshly made pizza and beer. As the sun sets, you’ll find yourself joining other love birds as they take in the view while walking together on the beach.


Paris, France

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No list of romantic destinations is complete without Paris. It certainly hasn’t been called the city of love for nothing. Well known for soul-searching strolls along the river Seine and sidewalk cafes, it is the Eiffel Tower aglow at night that is most popular with couples. Many proposals have happened under the Iron Lady, as over 5 billion lights hang on the mammoth structure; a kiss is almost mandatory.


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Bruges, Belgium

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If you want to get lost in a mythical town, then you won’t get better than mediaeval Bruges. Cobblestoned pathways will always lead you to gothic architecture and 17th-century buildings. There is nothing more romantic than night walks through this town, as dimmed lights and the sound of water from the canals guide you and your lover on your way. Stop for a glass of red wine at a street cafe and watch as the magic of the city engulfs everyone around you.