River Nights 2015 at Singapore River Festival: 5 Art Installations to Look Out For

Oct 23, 2015

River Nights is a series of performances, art installations and light shows taking place over the next two weekends on October 23-24 and October 30-31. Part of the Singapore River Festival 2015, it celebrates the Singapore River’s changing identity through the years; tracing its development from vital trading artery in the country’s colonial past, to its current incarnation as a lively cultural, dining and nightlife hotspot.

SilverKris attended the media preview last night, and here are the art installations that we think you should be looking out for:

1. Les Voyageurs by Cedric Le Borgne

These larger-than-life human figures made of chicken wire evoke a sense of  dreamy wonder. The transparency of the material, when teamed with lighting, gives these sculptures an ethereal quality.

2. Ocean of Flowers by Li Hongbo

Editor and designer Li Hongbo’s paper sculptures breathe new life into traditional Chinese arts and craft. Li transforms paper through deconstruction and reassembly, creating a sprawling landscape of thousands of brightly coloured “flowers”. When flattened, they are revealed as weapons such as bullets and handguns.

3. 160 by Pierre and Joel Rodiere/Trafik, Production by Tetro

This is an interactive light and sound installation consisting of 160 light bars, covering an area of about 60m. The public can get hands-on with the installation and play with light and sound, to create a visually stimulating and sensory experience.

4. Delight by Yves Moreaux

With the Asian Civilisations Museum and Singapore River as a backdrop, Moreaux presents an imaginative, colourful lightshow inspired by Singapore’s multicultural heritage in a birthday tribute to the Lion City.

5. Walter by Dawn Ng

Walter the giant bunny was conceived as a project to draw attention to commonly-overlooked and familiar spaces, reinvigorating places and delighting passers-by. Look out for Walter popping up among the old colonial buildings of Empress Place.