7 notable Indian jewellery designers who use elegant traditional motifs

Sep 20, 2017

Indian jewellery designers are melding elegant traditional motifs with global design sensibilities and winning fans across the world, including celebrities.

From India to the world


Hyderabad-based Suhani Pittie (above) puts out jewellery that is unapologetically individualistic, with each piece “handcrafted to be an emotive dialogue”. She sees her designs as uniquely Indian, yet belonging to the world.


The forgotten crafts of India serve as the inspiration for her creations, with the gold narrating the story of the region it comes from. As a way of giving back to the community, her company aims to expand the skill sets of rural women artisans.

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Youthful play on the ancient


The Jewelry Project collective by Deepti Sudhindra (above) makes handcrafted silver and gold jewellery with natural precious and semi-precious stones. “We work to preserve ancient metal craft skills, and to train and empower young craftsmen and women to make jewellery using the neo-Indian language of design,” she says.


India has been her constant inspiration and muse, because “the ancient civilisation holds so many stories, techniques, skills and beauty, so interpreting and applying this to my practice is a joy”.

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Crossing disciplines


Mumbai-based Kajal Nair’s (above) collection of fine gold jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones is named Nv-ya (pronounced noo-ya), the Cherokee word for ‘rock’. The pieces are often simple yet striking, designed with the modern Indian working woman in mind.


Nair often finds inspiration from architectural styles and elements such as bell capitals and cornices on colonial buildings and palaces. “I’ve also looked towards Islamic and European art and architecture for ideas,” she says.