New cocktails around the world you need to try

Dec 29, 2016

Around the world, mixologists continue to push creative boundaries with their cocktail recipes. Here’s what in-the-know drinkers are ordering now.

High drama

Where: Operation Dagger, Singapore


Inventive tipples (above) that look as good as they taste are served at this apothecary-style bar. Think cobalt blue vodka that turns neon pink when mixed with champagne. Or try The Egg – its aroma is released using smoke.

Sensory overload

Where: Seymour’s Parlour, London


Le Bon Ton tastes like the cherry lip balm of your youth, thanks to the inclusion of cherry-wood gin. Meanwhile, the orris vodka and powdery notes of The Rake cocktail are reminiscent of the scent of a 1930s ladies’ powder room.


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Olfactory pleasures

Where: Fragrances, Berlin


The unique concoctions at this bar (above) at The Ritz- Carlton Berlin are inspired by some of the world’s most famous perfumes. Rare spirits, including Brazilian Leblon cachaca and Amabuki sake, form the base of 30 new drinks on the menu.

Cool customer

Where: Pelicano, Sydney


The current it-cocktail? Frozen Rose, also known as Frose (above). At this restaurant, there’s an outdoor bar dedicated to the beverage. The terrace garden is open till the end of the Australian summer in February.