Craft beer around the world: all you need to know

Nov 13, 2017

Craft beer is easily the most exciting beverage you can expose your senses to. Before you go barhopping, learn about the latest trends and secrets to tippling like a pro.

Beer has always been underrated in the world of fine alcohol. Wine and spirits, with their long production processes and even longer stories, dominate the luxury market, while beer – which most people tend to associate with college students is, at best, a filler tipple.

And then came the craft-beer revolution. By the mid-noughties, beer giants who gave us crowd-pleasing yet slightly insipid brews were now in competition with independent, small-batch brewers who were boldly redefining beer making.

Now, there are beers with a whole larder’s worth of ingredients in them, beers with so much hops (the flowers that give beer its bitter taste) that demand for them is actually causing a worldwide hops shortage, and even beers that have been aged as long as wine.


Craft beer is also much more versatile as an accompaniment to food, since almost every beer flavour can be made available. Microbreweries in Singapore like The 1925 Brewing Co (above), Level33  and Tawandang Microbrewery place just as much focus on their food menu as they do their beer menu, often with pairing suggestions.