Unusual museums every culture buff has to visit

Jun 5, 2017

Besides seeing some of the world’s most marvellous pieces of art in the more popular museums, why not shake things up a little and explore some of the lesser-known and quirky ones along the way? Booking.com shares with us 14 museums every culture vulture has to visit.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

hermitage muesum

Must-see Museum: The Hermitage Museum (above) is one of the most influential museums in the world and a landmark that no traveller should miss while visiting the Russian city. Home to the largest collection of paintings of any museum in the world, expect international paintings, sculptures and national Russian artwork, such as imperial porcelains and ornaments. Pick up a map and explore all six buildings of the former imperial palace – easily a full-day activity.

upside down house

Museum you’ve never heard of: The Upside-Down House (above) is a unique house where everything is inverted. With all furniture stuck to the ceiling, this museum will make you feel very disoriented, but give you the opportunity to take some pretty bizarre photos.

Florence, Italy

uffizi gallery

Must-see Museum: The Uffizi Gallery (above) is home to the famous Medici family’s private collection of paintings and sculptures. Today, it’s one of the most visited art museums in the world and showcases a great array of artworks from major Italian artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Raffaello, and Michelangelo. Travellers should not miss the captivating “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, while the best time to enjoy the museum’s masterpieces is in the late afternoon when it’s usually less crowded.

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Museum you’ve never heard of: The Ferragamo Museum (above) is every woman’s dream, thanks to its impressive collection of 10,000 shoe models designed by Salvatore Ferragamo from the 1920s until his death in 1960.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam

Must-see Museum: The iconic Rijksmuseum (above) is located in the heart of Museum Square, housed in one of the most beautiful museum buildings in the world. The museum is more than 200 hundred years old, but has been recently renovated and hosts a great variety of Dutch and international masterpieces like Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ and Vermeer’s ‘Milkmaid’. Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the long lines.

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Museum you’ve never heard of: The KattenKabinet (Cat Cabinet; above) is a unique museum founded to commemorate a ginger cat named John Pierpont Morgon. Every five years, Morgan’s owner would give his beloved cat a special gift, such as a commissioned portrait or a custom dollar bill with Morgan’s picture replacing George Washington. In addition to these items, visitors can see a wide collection of cat-related items that shows the role of cats in art and culture throughout human history.

Athens, Greece

acropolis museum

Must-see Museum: Opened in 2003, the Acropolis Museum (above) was built to house all the archaeological finds from the slopes of the Acropolis. Its permanent exhibition includes archaeological treasures like the Caryatids, and artefacts from the Propylaea, the temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion and the Parthenon amongst others.

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hellenic childrens museum

Museum you’ve never heard of: The Hellenic Children’s Museum  (above) is a great place to visit while travelling with kids. Its mission is to help kids up to 12 years old learn and develop via various recreational activities. Admission is free.