Learn Travel Photography and Writing From the Pros on Backyard Travel’s Cambodia Tour

Dec 29, 2014

Make like Julia Robert’s character in the movie “Eat Pray Love” and live the Bon Vivant lifestyle on Backyard Travel’s eight day “Eat, Learn, Love Cambodia Tour”. Designed in collaboration with travel and food writer Lara Dunston, the intimate tour that accommodates 12 people will give you an insider’s look at Cambodia’s culture, cuisine, arts and history. Visit iconic spots like the Angkor Wat and lesser-known sites, explore local village markets for fresh produce and taste local wine at a vineyard. You’ll also get to savour authentic flavours from both street vendors and the hottest restaurants.

Those hankering to try their hand at something new can learn how to deconstruct Khmer cuisine, and later learn how to describe it. Dunston will teach you how to hone the delectable skill of culinary travel writing. Also joining the tour is professional photographer Terene Carter, who will be showing you the angles and tricks around travel and food photography. And after a long day of tasting, smelling and marveling, find repose and experience warm Cambodian hospitality at the rustic Maisons Wat Kor, which is set in the village of Battambang. Other beautiful retreats are also included on your trip. The tour, which costs $1,998 per person and includes meals and accommodation, departs on May 22, 2015. Carpe diem!