Learn a new language with these fun games and apps

Feb 15, 2017

Acquiring a foreign language can be daunting, but picking up new words and phrases is easier – and more enjoyable – with these games on hand.

Say What? playing cards


Master common Cantonese and Hokkien (Chinese dialects) words and phrases with these beautifully illustrated cards. Each deck includes 24 verb and 24 noun cards, plus instructions on how to play the game.


Verba playing cards


The Verba card range features a few languages, including Spanish and French. Each core set features 50 fill-in-the-blank sentence cards and 146 noun cards. To win a point, the player with the sentence card has to choose the best noun to complete the sentence.


Tandem app


This “language exchange” app unites native speakers who want to learn one another’s languages. Simply agree on a time to chat with the other participant, then choose specific topics to break the ice.