Japanese mochi, Italian gelato and more unique ice cream types around the world

May 30, 2017

From Turkish dondurma to Italian gelato, these frozen treats are as much a cultural experience as they are tastebud pleasers.

1. Turkey

turkish ice cream

Dondurma, which means “freezing” in Turkish, has a distinct, chewy texture. Typically sold from pushcarts, vendors perform feats of pulling and stretching the dondurma to show off its elasticity. A must-visit is the legendary Mini Dondurma kiosk in Bebek, Istanbul, which stays open till 3am. Try the sour cherry and caramel.

2. India

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The creamy kulfi is made in cone-shaped receptacles and flavoured with pistachios, saffron or rose water. Popular flavours are mango and cardamom. New Kulfi Centre in Mumbai serves the best kulfi, which is placed on a betel leaf and weighed before serving – a traditional practice.

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3. Singapore & Malaysia

Potong, or “cut” in Malay, are blocks of ice cream made with coconut milk, fresh milk and sugar. Typically sold from motorised carts by street vendors, popular flavours include red bean, sweet corn and durian. Enjoy them popsicle style or sandwiched between wafers or bread slices.

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