Interview: Chef Gaggan Anand’s restaurant gets two Michelin stars in the first Michelin Guide Bangkok

Dec 6, 2017

Few things are as coveted among globe-trotting food lovers as a seat at the restaurant Gaggan, a “progressive Indian” temple of gastronomy that has hit the top spot on San Pellegrino’s “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” list for three years in a row, and is now a newly minted two Michelin star establishment. Chef Gaggan Anand chatted with SilverKris about his motivations and upcoming plans just before the Michelin Guide Bangkok announcement.

What are your thoughts on the Thailand Michelin Guide?

A guide like this will be great for those who did not get the right fame, the right acknowledgement or the right pat on the back for the hard work they put into their restaurants. It’s a great opportunity for those people.

I always believe in positivity and I always stand by my people, because I believe that no guide or no award is bigger than the restaurant.

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How would you describe yourself as a chef?

I am difficult. I challenge people. People are mostly thinking of mediocre things in life. I cannot because I am running in a race to be something that is not possible. ‘An Indian chef on top of the world? How is that possible? How can that dream come from an Asian chef? How could that dream come from a guy who has never tasted caviar until he went on a first-class flight? A guy who has never tasted success and then suddenly he’s in luxury?’ When I eat in first class, my mind is still on my fries, my chips, my ice cream [laughs]. That’s why I love it when they have ice cream on board flights.