Hong Kong City Guide

On the southern border of China, Hong Kong SAR is known as a financial hub, a port city and a metropolis offering every available service, hospitality and creature comfort. Its glistening skyscraper skyline, an image projected around the world, is a nod to its cosmopolitan “Asia world city” status. But Hong Kong is also a city of contrasts, where Eastern culture meets Western colonialism, capitalism meets simplicity and traditional values tussle with progress. It is these polarities that make the city so captivating for visitors. Wet markets sit in the shadow of skyscrapers, noodle shops are as popular as Michelin-star restaurants, and for locals, a dragon boat festival is as popular as a gallery opening. In addition, the great outdoors, which can be accessed minutes from the city, makes up 40 per cent of Hong Kong’s total land mass, offering an unexpected natural playground and respite from the city.