A guide to Bangkok’s night markets

Jan 22, 2018

To the diehard shopper, Bangkok is a treasure trove. The “booty” of available merchandise runs the gamut from the biggest brand name luxury labels to the lowliest of streetside finds, spread out on a blanket on the sidewalk when the police aren’t around.

So it comes as little surprise that Bangkokians would offer around-the-clock opportunities to spend your little heart out, to shoppers intrepid enough to trek to every corner of the city. Yes, there are myriad shopping centres and trendy boutiques in hipster areas like Aree and Thonglor. Yes, there are the down-to-earth walkways cluttered with affordable bric-a-brac in Little India and Chinatown. And yes, there is the biggest open-air market in South-east Asia on the weekends, known to all as Chatuchak.

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But perhaps the most rewarding shopping experiences in the city are the ones open only at night: Bangkok’s beloved night bazaars. The carnival atmosphere, the bright lights reminiscent of a country fair, the heaving crowds made up mostly of people happy to simply be a part of the scene — these are all elements of the most popular night markets in the city right now, each catering to a different segment of the population.