Where to shop, eat and chill out in Kleinbasel, Switzerland

Mar 20, 2017

The Switzerland you think you know – the one flush with banks and chocolate shops – couldn’t be further from the truth in this quarter (above) north of the river Rhine. Long a working-class district, it’s now bursting with vintage boutiques and al fresco dining places, as creatives, drawn by its affordable rents, stream in.

What to see and do

Museum Tinguely


Every city needs someone to inspire the next generation, and Basel’s is sculptor Jean Tinguely. A man of unwavering confidence, he built kinetic reliefs, electrically driven machines and musical skeletons. See them spring to life at this gallery (above) dedicated to his larger-than-life art.

Fahri Verein


Assisted only by a steel cable strung above the water, four passenger boats (above) cross the river from Basel’s historic Altstadt until after nightfall. Simply stand on one side, ring the bell and wait for one to come and get you.

Art Basel


On the northern fringes of Kleinbasel, the colossal halls of Messe Basel are so futuristic, they look like they were left here by aliens. The venue is home to Art Basel (June 15 to 18), the city’s annual banner event and a showcase for more than 4,000 artists.

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