Four fun hikes in Kyoto, Japan

Feb 21, 2018

A stroll along the Kamogawa


Kyoto’s wonderful Kamo River is often overlooked by visitors focused more on the city’s more publicised sites. There are few better ways to spend a lazy Sunday than with a relaxing stroll along this gently flowing river, marvelling at the lively mix of locals and tourists going about their day. Begin your riverside ramble at Shijo Bridge and head north on the more pleasant left side of the Kamogawa. There are plenty of benches along the way if you need a break, and in about an hour you’ll arrive at where the river splits, which is a great spot to sit and enjoy lunch.

Tip: Look out for birds of prey circling above – they sometimes like to dive down and grab your food.
How to get there: Gion-Shijo train station on the Keihan Main Line and Kawaramachi train station on the Hankyu Line.

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A hike between villages


This is the longest of the four hikes and will take several hours if you walk at a leisurely pace. Beginning in Kibune gives you a steeper start but a longer, gentler path into Kurama where you can soak your weary limbs at Kurama Onsen, if you wish. The walk, which costs 200 yen, payable at the start of the course, takes you along pretty forest trails and past several points of interest, including small shrines, a remarkable display of cedar tree roots, and Kurama-dera temple.

Tip: Bring snacks and water to keep your energy levels up.
How to get there: Head to either Kibuneguchi or Kurama from Demachiyanagi station in the north part of Kyoto City. The train ride takes about 30 minutes.

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Singapore Airlines flies twice daily non-stop from Singapore to Osaka, from where you can catch a train to Kyoto.