First look: Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4 offers FAST check-ins and the best viewing gallery

Aug 8, 2017

By the end of 2017, travellers to Singapore will be greeted with a brand-new Terminal 4 (T4). Launching nearly a decade after Terminal 3, the two-storey terminal sports a sleek boutique design with vibrant fixtures, petal motifs and a new seamless travel experience for departing passengers. To get there, a free 24-hour shuttle service will be available from Terminal 2. After a sneak preview, SilverKris shares seven new and notable things unique to T4.

Embrace a fully automated departure process


Check in, drop your bags, clear immigration and board the plane — all on your own with self-service options available at each stage of departure in the new terminal. This flexible arrangement, known as Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST), uses state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to authenticate your identity and shaves down waiting time to the bare minimum. We’re told it takes only two to three minutes to check yourself in and print your boarding pass, and one to two minutes to complete your bag drop.

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Watch animated clips while you wait in line


This one will have you looking forward to remaining in line at the Central Departure Security Screening area. Prepare to be immersed in a high-definition animation of Singapore’s skyline, ASEAN landmarks and our favourite, a whimsical clip of suitcases, on the 70-metre long LED display.

Be mesmerised by giant kinetic petal clouds

For fans of the famous kinetic rain sculpture in Terminal 1, consider T4’s kinetic installation, Petalclouds, an ultra-upsized version. Inspired by orchid petals, the six clouds of 16 petal motifs move gracefully in tandem to classical music. Suspended by thin wires above the Central Galleria, the artwork can be viewed from both transit and public sides. Watch the video above to see it in full effect.

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Look out for local and international art sculptures


Travel- and aviation-themed sculptures by artists from Singapore and overseas can be found throughout the terminal. Les Oiseaux by French artist Cedric Le Borgne shows two bird sculptures made of stainless steel wires soaring in the Departure Halls, while another sits perched amongst the greenery in the Arrival Hall. Singapore-born Chong Fah Cheong, known for his bronze work of five young boys jumping into the Singapore River contributed Hey, Ah Chek! (above), which depicts a nostalgic scene of Singapore in the 1950s featuring the iconic trishaw.