Where to find the world’s best street art

Jan 11, 2018

Gone are the days of art being confined strictly to stuffy museums and upscale art galleries. These days, street art is as legitimate an art form as more conventional ones like traditional paintings and sculptures. You may find incredible works of street art in countless cities across the planet, but the following are certainly up there with some of the best.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s street art scene has already reached somewhat legendary status. The vibrant, hipster-filled streets of Victoria state’s uber-cool capital city are virtually covered in incredible works of street art and graffiti. Famous parts of the city to enjoy some of its iconic street art scenes include Hosier (above), Caledonian and Union Lanes.

George Town (Penang), Malaysia

george town street art

George Town is steeped in colonial history and exhibits a delightful mix of old-world charm and new-school cool. The city’s vast collection of street art is also a major attraction, considered by many to be the greatest in South-east Asia. Artfully depicting stories of both the present and the past, George Town’s art is some of the world’s most recognisable, such as Ernest Zacharevic’s Children On A Bicycle. Must-visit locations for street art admiration include Lebuh Armenian, Lebuh Gat Chulia, and Lebuh Chulia and its surrounds.

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London, UK

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London has always been a cultural hub, frequently producing creative works on the leading edge of the art world. You can find impressive artworks and graffiti masterpieces created by the world’s best street artists virtually all over the British capital, who flock to the city to showcase their talents. Some of the famous artists whose pieces you can hunt down include typography specialist Ben Eine (above), the singularly surrealist illustrator Phlegm, and of course the world’s most celebrated and elusive street artist, Banksy.