Where to find New York City’s most creative cocktails

Nov 3, 2017

Ready to step out in the Big Apple and sip something extra special? With tasty ingredient combinations, surprising garnishes, whimsical drinking vessels and eye-catching colours, these creative concoctions live up to their catchy names and make for Instagram-worthy nights out in New York City.

Perla Negra

slowly shirley perla negra

Where: Slowly Shirley

“Whether it’s ingredients you wouldn’t expect, like pumpkin juice, or a tropical cocktail that happens to be black and topped with blood-red sorrel, such as the Perla Negra (above), the best thing to do when thinking of a good drink for a specific concept is to take a tongue-in-cheek approach,” says Jim Kearns, bar director and partner at Slowly Shirley cocktail bar. Kearns’ Perla Negra cocktail does exactly that, made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum, activated charcoal, calamansi, honey, ginger, arrack and sorrel, served up in a skull-shaped vessel, garnished with orchids and a votive candle.

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Chang’s Berry Milky and Pomegranate Sangria

Her name is Han Milky cocktail

Where: Her Name is Han

At Her Name is Han, director of food & beverage Jinah Chang creates cocktails with Korean flair to complement the restaurant’s homestyle Korean cuisine. Chang’s Berry Milky cocktail (above) takes the traditional Korean alcohol, makgeolli (a sweet Korean rice wine made with rice, yeast and water), mixes it with fresh, homemade strawberry juice, and garnishes it with mint and dried strawberries. The Pomegranate Sangria is a Korean riff on traditional sangria, taking Korean pear-infused pinot grigio and mixing it with pomegranate seeds, along with a rosemary garnish.

Pecan Maple Manhattan

pecan maple manhattan

Where: Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Would you like bourbon and bacon with your filet mignon? Then hop on over to Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse in Midtown. Here, head bartender Mike Saul crafts the Pecan Maple Manhattan (above) with house-made pecan-infused smoked-maple Knob Creek bourbon and whiskey-barrel-aged bitters and garnishes it with sweet, yet smoky, praline bacon.

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Under the Milky Way and The Forgotten King

burke wills

Where: Burke & Wills

Tim Harris, owner and drink creator at Burke & Wills, an Upper West Side restaurant serving seasonal Australian fare, is an avid music fan. It’s only natural then, that when he crafted the restaurant’s most recent cocktail list, he named each drink after a song from a famous Aussie rock band.

Harris’ Under the Milky Way cocktail is built with VDKA 6100 vodka, walnut liqueur, espresso, heavy cream and smoked cinnamon bitters. The Forgotten King (above) is a hot drink, perfect for chilly weather, made with Plantation original dark rum, King’s ginger liqueur, cinnamon agave, lemon and chamomile tea.