Cool things to do in Sydney with your family

Jul 26, 2017

Sydney has some of the most recognisable tourist attractions in the world. From the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge, this busy city has endless sites for visitors to explore. Here’s a list of cool things to do when visiting the Harbour City with the family.

Take a dip in a famous pool

bondi iceberg club

It’s an international landmark and no trip to Sydney is complete without a few laps in the Bondi Iceberg pool (above). It’s the most photographed pool in Australia and the 50m swim is a hotspot for both serious swimmers and casual bathers. Entry is A$6.50 and that gives you access to the pool, gym and sauna. A clubhouse sits right above the pool, where guests can get incredible views of Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Picnic at the Botanical Gardens

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens are believed to be one of the oldest gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, with news about the sprawling lawns and a vast array of fauna and flora dating back to 1810. The popular gardens offer a respite from the busy city life. You can stop by the market on the way and stock up for an afternoon picnic.

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Get up close and personal with the ocean’s sea pup

Besides its sparkling blue waters and white beaches, Gordon’s Bay (above) – south of Clovelly Beach – is a secluded spot known for its excellent snorkelling. There’s an underwater trail with information about the local sea life, the most popular of which is the blue groper. Known as the ocean’s sea pup, this friendly reef fish has gained notoriety because of its playful and social nature. The nature trail will take about 40 minutes to complete and it’s well worth spending an entire day on the beach right here.

Try your hand at paddleboarding

sydney paddleboarding

Camp Cove is just a short walk from Watsons Bay Ferry wharf. It’s on the harbour side of South Head and has tons of fun things that will keep you and your family busy all day. Paddleboarding (above) is very popular here and there are on-site hire facilities. You can even hire an expert to give you a lesson for an hour so that once you hit the ocean, you’re more likely to succeed. This is a totally Instagram-worthy day. Of course, you can also use the chance to do more snorkelling and soak up the glorious Aussie sun.