Cool Backpacks from Puma and CabinZero

Mar 26, 2015

The hands-free backpack has never been cooler – or more useful.

Zero hassle

Three trips to India with less-than-perfect luggage led traveller Neil Varden to create a hassle-free bag. He’s done a good job of it too. Durable and lightweight, CabinZero (above) maximises the weight and size allowance of your carry-on luggage, and comes in a range of colours. A built-in tracker makes it easy to find if it wanders.

In the hood

No need to struggle to get a brolly up or a rain hood on in a sudden shower. Puma’s backpack comes with a built-in hoodie that can be easily packed away when not in use. The latest versions, available in all-over florals (above) or all-black with a lining of palm-leaf prints, is by British label House of Hackney.