Shop at these cafes around Asia

Nov 6, 2017

Nothing perks you up like great coffee and a spot of shopping. More and more cafes are realising the power of their brand and treating latte lovers to extra take-home treats. We round up some of the best lifestyle cafes in Asia where you can browse while you enjoy a brew.

Brut Cake, Shanghai, China

Brut Cake Cafe, Shanghai, China

Husband-and-wife team, chef Jun Wu and food blogger Priscilla Young are behind this hip cafe in Shanghai’s bustling Jing’an district. Come for their crispy waffles and tart lemon curd, then take home a piece of upcycled furniture or a more suitcase-friendly hand-painted face mug (above).

Revolver Espresso, Bali, Indonesia

Using only organic fruit and veggies, and locally roasted and blended coffee beans, hipster cafe Revolver Espresso has built up a loyal following since opening up in Bali’s luxurious Oberoi district. Tourists can reminisce about their island coffee once they head home too, with Revolver’s branded line of threads including tees and sweats (above). There’s also a range of unisex jewellery available.

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Cafe Kumbuk, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cafe Kumbuk, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Committed to sourcing the freshest seasonal ingredients from local Sri Lankan growers, including home-grown tea and coffee, the sublime Cafe Kumbuk is one to add to your must-visit list. Their healthy lifestyle and stylish design aesthetic doesn’t stop at the menu. Cafe patrons can leave with a little piece of Kumbuk – try the honey & coffee granola, lavender sugar, rosemary salt and sweet hand-painted mugs.