Cabin crew: A passion to serve, always

Nov 17, 2017

Though they are now in non-flying roles, Singapore Airlines’ ex-cabin crew members still take pride in their jobs and retain the excellence of service the Airline is known for.

In their current positions on the ground, former cabin crew members continue to provide passengers with high service standards, and to enhance the Singapore Airlines experience.

For Syarah Amira Md Ismail (below), flying has always been a natural thing for her. The 27-year-old had joined the company as a cabin crew member upon graduating from university, following in the footsteps of her late father. When asked about her most memorable flight, she recalls a fond memory of serving onboard the same flight as her father once.


After flying for two and a half years, the opportunity to come on ground arose and Syarah took the chance. She took up her current ground position in December 2015, and now works as a Cabin Crew Executive in the Standards and Service Performance department. As part of her role, she produces videos and newsletters to update cabin crew on the latest developments. According to Syarah, her past experience as a former crew member is an added advantage.

“We may need to review inflight standard operating procedures, for example, and this is where things such as an understanding of the different types of aircraft come into play.”

To her, the Airline holds a special place in her heart, and she is grateful for the many opportunities it had provided her.

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