The best wine bars in Lisbon, Portugal

Dec 22, 2017

Portuguese wine is heating up on the international stage so it makes perfect sense to sample a tipple or two when visiting Portugal’s capital. Here’s our pick of Lisbon’s best wine bars.

Enoteca Chafariz do Vinho


This historic bar forms part of Lisbon’s vast Águas Livres Aquaduct and its cellar runs through the tunnel that once led to the reservoir. The boxy facade might not look like much, but the exposed brick walls and barred windows add to the character of the interior. Chafriz do Vinho sits on the northern side of the trendy suburb Príncipe Real, making it a convenient place to pull up for a drink after a bout of boutique shopping. The bar stocks a range of international and Portuguese wines, plus a selection of brandies and whiskies.

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Enoteca de Belém


Enoteca de Belém is tucked down the Travessa Marta Pinto alley in Lisbon’s lovely outer suburb of Belém. The bar serves around 80 table wines by the glass, chosen by award-winning sommelier Nelson Guerreiro, who represented Portugal at the Best Sommelier of Europe competition in 2017. The bar and fine dining restaurant form part of the Travessa da Erminda cultural project, with boutique jewellers and artists in the surrounding precinct.

The Wine Cellar


The small bar sits tight in the buzzy Cais do Sodré precinct near the Tagus River, but has an intimate atmosphere and relaxed vibe. Alongside the wine selection sits a tasty selection of nibbles, including cured off-bone ham and Portuguese cheese. The staff at The Wine Cellar seemingly know the ins and outs of every Portuguese wine, so feel free to quiz them on the true meaning of Portugal’s green wine (vinho verde), the history of port, and the best of Portugal’s wine-producing regions. The Wine Cellar is a top choice for a late afternoon drink, or swing by around midday to sample the weekly lunch menu.