Best places in Singapore to enjoy live music performances

Mar 21, 2018

On any given day or evening, the soundtrack of Singapore can swing from clanging lion dance percussions, and old-school ballads at a Malay wedding to Cuban rhapsodies at a bar on Sentosa Island. Locals love living in the hear and now, and these atmospheric live venues hit all the right notes no matter how you like rocking the joint.

The Singapore Jazz Club

the singapore jazz club

Jazz of all stripes – classic, acid, modern, bebop, Latin – holds court in this intimate nook where Singapore’s coolest and most acclaimed jazz cats come to play and croon. Nurse that whisky on a velvet couch surrounded by sultry drapes and historic fixtures, setting the perfect mood for toe-tapping to songbook favourites or creative improvisations.

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The Mad Men Attic Bar

You wouldn’t expect to find dynamic young musicians unfurling originals and covers in the heart of the Central Business District, but this rooftop oasis is where suits slip away to kick back after hours. Tune out in this buzzy space where the vibe is pulsating and the music louder, with a backdrop of glittering skyscrapers and Marina Bay Sands.

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 Singapore Botanic Gardens

singapore botanic gardens

Pack a picnic and lounge on Palm Valley lawn deep in the verdant heart of this sprawling 150-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, on the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage, free concerts feature the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, visiting international musicians and local bands performing a repertoire of styles ranging from classical to contemporary.