Best cities in the world to play Pokemon Go (and where to catch exclusive Pokemon)

Nov 7, 2016

If you’re determined to personally snag every one of the creatures in your Pokedex, here’s where you have to travel to, given the fact that there are four monsters specific to these regions.

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Pokemon fans say it’s the best thing that has ever happened to them. Those who don’t play the game call it the zombie apocalypse.

Whatever the stance, there’s no doubt that Pokemon Go (PoGo) fever has literally swept millions of people off their feet and onto the street in a quest to capture all 145 monsters that are currently available.

Given the fact that there are four region-specific monsters (Farfetch’d in Asia, Kangaskhan in Australia, Tauros in North America, Mr Mime in Europe) players are technically unable to attain the coveted title of Pokemon Master unless they play the game in these areas. Of course, as one enterprising player from Singapore has demonstrated, getting a friend from these regions to log into your account to catch these monsters solves the problem.

But if you’re a purist who is determined to personally snag each and every one of the creatures in your Pokedex, here are some of places around the world you can make your way to.

New York, USA

One of the best places to catch Pokemons in the Big Apple is at the perennially crowded Times Square which is teeming with Pokespots and even has a huge gym that you can battle for. Some of the uncommon and rare monsters that can be found here include Ponyta, Geodude and Jigglypuff.

According to New York’s PoGo community groups, Pikachu and Charizard rank among the toughest to find in the city, though enthusiasts point to the Museum of Natural History (above) as one of the best places to start.