Cabin crew: Balancing motherhood and a flying career

Dec 27, 2016

Singapore Airlines stewardess Cheryl Ho, 36, has three adorable children – Clare, Joshua, and Jacob. She also sings and dances at events organised by her music-producer husband and is actively involved in charity work.

Despite her busy schedule, she deems her cabin crew career perfect for mothers like herself and shares with SilverKris how the company’s Returning Crew Scheme benefits fellow female colleagues.

How long have you been flying with the Airline and what motivated you to sign up as a cabin crew?
I first joined in January 2007. It was my sister who encouraged me to join SIA as a cabin crew. I like the lifestyle and how it’s very different from other industries. But I took a break when I had my first child.

Did you have to reapply for the cabin-crew position after that?
Yes, I had to undergo training again. The current Returning Crew Scheme allows you to maintain your seniority, in terms of rank, after taking a break to have a baby. It encourages female crew to be more confident about career advancement in the company.

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How do you balance work with family life?
Time management is very important. I will start scheduling my kids’ activities such as piano recitals, sports days and tests, after getting my flight roster. I have asked to do shorter flights or turnarounds. Using WhatsApp and FaceTime, I get to talk to my children when I am overseas. When I land, I will take photos of my hotel room, and the country I am in to share with them. This will help them to understand my job better. I also have three very important pillars of strength: my husband, helper, and parents-in-law.