9 minimalist cafes in Singapore that look good on Instagram

Dec 16, 2016

Whether you’re a huge foodie or a coffee junkie, enjoying a meal at these chic cafes will be a great way to spend a weekend. We round up nine cafes with the most Instagram-worthy minimalist interiors.

1. Atlas Coffeehouse

Opened last January by the people behind Assembly Coffee, the cafe (above) sports a bold navy-blue wall, complete with marble tiling and minimal furniture, while allowing natural light in with large glass-panel windows. Another big draw: its ultra-fluffy butterscotch banana pancakes.

2. Curious Palette

White walls, wooden tables and hanging bulbs add up well for a space (above) that isn’t only cosy, but also pleasing to the eye – and the camera. Founded by the same folks behind the popular Strangers’ Reunion along Kampong Bahru Road, the menu at Curious Palette offers standard cafe fare such as croque madame (ham and cheese sandwich topped with egg), but also includes winning desserts like berry ricotta hotcakes.

3. Hyde & Co.

Simplicity is key with Hyde & Co. Everything, down to the tiles on the English-inspired cafe’s countertop, is kept to a pristine, calming white. The quote on its wall (above) is also the star of many Instagram photos taken here.

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