8 beautiful historic buildings in Budapest you must visit and Instagram

Aug 15, 2017

Boasting everything from Art Nouveau to Neoclassical architectural wonders, Budapest, Hungary, is considered one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Here are nine of its most stunning buildings.

1. The Great Synagogue


Said to be the largest building of Jewish worship outside the United States, the Great Synagogue is located in Budapest’s Jewish Quarter, which was fenced-off by Nazis during WWII. Visitors are allowed to wander its grounds to admire the gorgeous motifs that embellish its façade and interior – hallmarks of Moorish architecture.

2. Buda Castle


It takes almost a full day to thoroughly explore this enormous palace complex, which houses the national archive, a pair of ancient churches, and eight museums and galleries. Dating back to the 13th century, it has an eclectic appearance, fusing elements of Baroque, Medieval and Modernist architecture.

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3. St. Stephen’s Basilica


In a low-rise city, this 111-year-old Neoclassical church dedicated to Hungary’s first king is one of the tallest buildings, with its pair of bell towers flanking a 96m-tall dome. Visitors can take in wonderful views across the city from a platform inside the dome, which, like the whole interior of the church, is adorned with astonishingly intricate designs and patterns.

4. Hungarian State Opera House


One of the busiest opera houses in Europe, the Hungarian State Opera House is also said to be its most majestic – thanks to its imposing Neoclassical façade and opulent interior. At 3pm and 4pm on most days of the week, guided tours take visitors through its grand lobbies, function rooms, museum and sumptuous, red-splashed performance hall.