5 Reasons to Visit Emporium Shokuhin, Japanese Food Destination in Singapore’s Marina Square

Oct 13, 2015

Emporium Shokuhin, Singapore’s first integrated Japanese food shopping and dining destination, is the latest addition to the new wing at Marina Square shopping mall. OLIVIA LIM checks out some of the highlights.

1. Live seafood for your house party

Browse and select from over 20 types of live fish and shellfish from around the world, including Japanese imports like uni (sea urchin) and kegani (Hokkaido hairy crabs), Scottish razor clams and Alaskan king crabs from Norway. Also take your pick from 10 live oyster varietals, including the popular Gillardeau and Fin de Claire. You can choose to bring the whole Alaskan crab home (sure to be a conversation piece at your gathering) or have it cut into more manageable pieces, and have your oysters shucked and packed for takeaway. There’s also chilled seafood with fishmongers on hand to slice it into sashimi, or your choice of cut. I think the oysters are pretty good value at just S$28 for half a dozen.

2. Dry-aged beef at reasonable prices

Emporium Shokuhin has its own beef dry-aging facility on its premises. Depending on the type and cut of beef, the meat is hung to dry and age for a minimum of 14 days, up to as long as 40 days. Besides the popular USDA Prime beef, there is the prized Japanese A5 Miyazaki beef. The dry-aging method is said to improve the flavour and texture of raw meat.

3. Specialities from Ehime

This corner featuring fresh produce and products from Japan’s Ehime prefecture is the first endorsed satellite store outside the country. Ehime is the top citrus producer in Japan and famed for its sweet mikans (mandarin oranges). I especially enjoyed the Tamami marmalade (above right), which is mild and doesn’t have the bitterness of English marmalades, but is still zesty.