5 gorgeous locations all Game of Thrones fans should visit

Jul 28, 2017

From breathtaking seaside views to ancient cities, and wintry snowy capes to majestic castles, Game of Thrones has one of the most visually stunning backdrops in the history of television. With the 7th and final season of the HBO hit series premiering on July 17, travel site Zuji Singapore shares a list of filming locations where you can travel to and immerse yourself in the Seven Kingdoms.

1. Croatia


With its magnificent views and medieval charm, it is no wonder Dubrovnik (above) is one of the main filming locations for the hit series. The diverse cityscape has been a backdrop for both Meereen and King’s Landing. Wander its streets and imagine being in iconic scenes, such as the Purple Wedding, the Red Keep and House of the Undying.

2. Spain

spain alcazar

Representing the private residence of House Martell and its famous water gardens of Dorne is the stunning Alcazar (above) located in Seville, Spain. Renowned as the most beautiful palace in the country, it features intricate architecture dating back to the 1300s. With classic Islamic architecture, tranquil courtyards and exceptional gardens, the palace is still being used by the Spanish royal family and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987.

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3. Morocco


Who could forget Queen Daenerys Targaryen’s conquest of Yunkai and Astapor? Two locations were used to film these epic scenes – Ait-Benhaddou (above), a fortified mud-brick fortress city, was used to represent Yunkai, while the stunning walled town of Essaouira was transformed into Astapor. With the ancient city’s citadel and the nearby Ounila River, it’s no wonder why the Game of Thrones producers were impressed.

Fun fact: It was also originally used as King’s Landing in the un-aired pilot.

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