27th Singapore International Film Festival: Screenings, masterclasses and awards

Nov 11, 2016

From November 23 to December 4, Singapore’s local arts scene will be abuzz with film screenings, masterclasses and the arrival of acclaimed filmmakers for the 27th Singapore International Film Festival – the largest and longest-running film event in the country.

Film screening highlights

The festival will open on November 23 with Interchange, a noir fantasy thriller by celebrated Malaysian filmmaker Dain Iskandar Said. One of two special presentation films, The Road to Mandalay (above), which has been nominated for six awards (including the Best Feature Film at the 53rd Golden Horse Awards), sees director Midi Z revealing the exploitative conditions of migrant workers and the commodification of their lives in a tragic love story starring Kai Ko and Wu Ke-Xi.

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Two established filmmakers, Japanese director Naomi Kawase and Hong Kong film director Fruit Chan, will also have five of their films screened under special programmes. This includes Kawase’s first fiction feature Suzaku (above), which won the Camera d’Or prize for Best New Director at the Cannes Film Festival, as well as the last in Chan’s Handover trilogy, Little Cheung.

And as part of its line-up this year, the festival will cast a spotlight on three Singapore filmmakers: K. Rajagopal, the late Abdul Nizam and Gladys Ng. Expect to see Rajagopal’s first feature film, A Yellow Bird, a collection of 12 of Nizam’s works and a commissioned short film by Ng, The Pursuit of A Happy Human Life.

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Learn from award-winning directors at masterclasses

Besides attending screenings, attendees can meet renowned directors and producers from the jury panel, such as Kawase, Yau (above), Chan and Le, who will be speaking of their craft and experiences at masterclasses, talks and forums that are open to the public.