13 of the most unusual beaches around the world

Mar 1, 2017

Just as no two fingerprints are made equal, beaches are the perfect example of how the land shapes and forms at the whim of powerful bodies of water.

Not all beaches are long stretches of sandy paradise hugging the coast of gently lapping seawater. Some lie against a backdrop of white marbled cliffs while others are hidden in the middle of a cave. Here are 13 unique beaches for the explorer in you. And yes, they are certainly Instagram-worthy.

1. Hidden Beach: The Marieta Islands of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

True to its name, this beach lies out of sight, just beneath a large hole in the ground. Beachgoers can only access the beach by swimming through a cave when sea and weather conditions are optimal. According to Vallarta Adventures, this beach was formed by the collapse of a volcanic rock that makes up the island.

2. Glacier Lagoon Jokulsarlon: Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland

Most of the beaches in Iceland consist of glistening stretches of black sand because of volcanic activity in the country. This particular Icelandic beach, however, is home to massive chunks of white glassy ice. The chunks, which are broken bits of ice cold glaciers, contrast beautifully on the black sand.

3. Bahia Gardner: Espanola Island, Galapagos

Located in the southernmost part of the Galapagos Archipelago, this island is also known by its English name, Hood Island. The island is one of the oldest in the region, at around four million years old, and is home to sea lions, red lava lizards and Espanola mockingbirds.

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4. Mosquito Bay: Vieques, Puerto Rico

If travelling all the way to the 60th parallel to catch a glimpse of dancing northern lights is your idea of an adventure, this nautical version would definitely make the cut. Paddlers on Mosquito Bay will experience a trail of neon blue lights every time the canoe breaks the water surface. This happens when microorganisms, known as dinoflagellates, are disturbed in the water.