11 best things to do in Paris after dark

Feb 2, 2018

Paris’ chic streets positively glimmer under the stars, and its nightlife is more than just about bars and clubs. We take a look at some choice after-dark activities you can enjoy in the City of Light.

1. Taste delicious French wine

les caves du louvre

Back in the 18th century, King Louis XV’s sommelier managed the king’s wine collection from the Les Caves du Louvre. Centuries later, the cellars are still dedicated to wine but are now open to the public. Featuring enchanting cellars beneath a wine shop, you can book a winetasting session experiencing 15 different French grape varieties, with a team of dedicated professionals that will make your experience truly educational and special. There is even a winemaking workshop where you can learn to blend your own wine.

Métro: Louvre-Rivoli

2. Take a late-night swim

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Piscine Pontoise is a public swimming pool in the heart of the Latin Quarter in the 5th arrondissement. It is in a gorgeous Art Deco building, with rows of vintage changing cabins, water that is illuminated with blue lights at night, and a blissful soundtrack. There are also a variety of group activities held here including yoga lessons, fitness training and squash. Open till 11:45pm on most days, the relaxing pool is a great place to unwind after a long day of Parisian exploration.

Métro: Maubert-Mutalité

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3. Dine in the dark

dans le noir paris

Dans le Noir? (translated to ‘In the Dark?’) allows you to dine in complete darkness; it’s an exclusive experience that will awaken your senses of taste and smell. Arrive and hold on to your visually impaired host as you step into a world of darkness. What you ate is not revealed until the end of dinner, however, guests can initially select between meat, fish or vegetarian menus. The experience is a social one; tables are joined with other guests who arrive at a separate time. Here, you can chat to a complete stranger in darkness and see them in the light if you choose to leave at the same time.

Métro: Rambuteau

4. Shelter with the cool kids

mama shelter

One of the trendiest hotels in Paris, Mama Shelter is a favourite hangout spot for the hipster crowd. The restaurant, rooftop bar and pizza restaurant have a joint quirky vibe – decorated with graffiti walls, eclectic art and random play things. Mama Shelter is situated on the not-so-touristy Rue de Bagnolet, home to many quaint restaurants and buzzing little cafes, bakeries and bars. The rooms are pretty reasonably priced and come packed with entertainment themselves (there are cartoon masks and cameras to play with!), so it may even be worth a spontaneous booking should you wish to continue the fun.

Métro: Alexandre Dumas