10 ways to experience Brussels through its beers and beautiful architecture

Mar 9, 2018

Brussels, the captivating capital of Belgium, is not only a major centre for international politics, it is also famed for beautiful historic buildings, while still appealing to youth with its quirky streets and trendy bars.

Although it began as a Dutch-speaking city, the French language has steadily overtaken it to become Brussels’ majority language. The city is multicultural and very visitor-friendly, with people from all corners of the world coming together to bring you a rich, unique and exciting visit. Here are 10 ways to experience Brussels.

Be inspired by design


Created in 1958 for the Brussels World’s Fair, the Atomium, designed by Belgian engineer André Waterkeyn, is the only structure left standing after the event ended. The design – to represent a single unit of iron crystal magnified 165 billion times – was way ahead of its time and the artefact is a prominent symbol of Brussels. There are nine spheres that represent atoms, and they are connected by tubes with escalators and lifts inside. The surrounding park is a great place to relax and enjoy the structure.

Picnic in the park

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Bois de la Cambre (Avenue Louise, 1050 Ixelles) is an urban public park on the edge of the Sonian Forest in Brussels which is extremely popular with locals during warmer months. You’ll find residents enjoying ball games, picnics, music, sunbathing and walking around this little green oasis.

There is a boat that can take you over the lake to a gorgeous little island, Robinson’s Island. It is there we recommend popping open a bottle of Belgian bubbles and toasting with a loved one.

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Take a Belgian beer tour


There are a number of beer tour operators which can be found all over the city and online. Most follow the general format of a visit to some of Brussels’ most vibrant and historic bars to sample a selection of beers. These are often paired with cheeses or cured meats. A local tour guide will talk you through drinking culture in the city and brewing traditions, as well as help you discover a palate of variety.

Global Enterprises Belgium offers a four-hour pub crawl with food tasting included for 65 euros (US$74).

Meeting point: Grand Place 21, 1000 Brussels

Step back in sound

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There are a staggering 1,200 musical instruments on display at the Musical Instruments Museum (MIM) in Brussels. As part of the Royal Museums of Art and History, it hosts one of the most important collections of musical instruments in the world, including pieces such as the viola da gamba from the Court of Brussels to the 20th-century theremin.