10 tips to stay safe while travelling

Feb 13, 2018

For peace of mind while on vacation, knowing the risks and being prepared for unforeseen circumstances is key – especially for less experienced travellers or those visiting a new destination. Rob Schlipper, co-founder of anti-theft bag retailer Pacsafe, shares 10 tips for staying safe and worry-free on your adventures.

Do your research

An informed traveller is a safer traveller, so do your research – not just on theft and common scams, but also the local currency, transportation, places to avoid and medical requirements like vaccinations.

Separate your finances

Keep the right amount of cash in your wallet or security belt, in the right denomination. Have a credit card ready in case of emergencies, and a back-up card stored separately.

Let your whereabouts be known

Give your travel itinerary to at least one other person, so that someone always knows where you’re supposed to be on a certain day. Leave it with someone back home, and then follow up with an email or text while you’re away, to let them know what you are getting up to on your travels.

Back up important documents

Carry photocopies of your passport and other important documents, and store scanned copies in an online platform like Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive.

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Take out the right travel insurance policy

Get a travel insurance policy that will protect you and your stuff. Make sure it’s suited to the types of activities you’ll be doing – whether you’re snowboarding, hiking or scuba diving.