10 cool gadgets for the great outdoors

Mar 16, 2017

These devices will light your way, keep you warm and even jump-start your car on your outdoor adventure.


FourSevens Mini Mk II flashlight

From US$40


Eschewing the “bigger is better” ethos that has turned many torches into truncheons, FourSevens’ Mini Mk II is a mere 2.17 inches long – about the same length as your thumb. You can choose to include the company’s custom-made rechargeable battery, which offers an impressive 1,020 lumens and up to 168 hours of power when turned down to its lowest setting, the Moonlight mode.


Sig Sauer Zulu7 binoculars

From US$815.99


These lightweight binoculars come with a choice of eight or 10 times magnification, and HDX optical design which, along with a gaping 42mm aperture, means you get a beautiful, bright and wide image. Just the thing for spotting birds and other wildlife on your nature trek, and they’re weatherproof too.


Ravean Down 2.0 jacket



Ravean specialises in battery-powered heated wearables, such as the forthcoming Down 2.0 jacket. It has back, chest and pocket warmers, as well as breathable underarm fabric. It’s also packed with cool technology to keep out the elements and is currently on pre-order for September. But if you want one now, the first version has similar styling, heated body panels and even a lithium polymer battery to charge your phone.

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